This page shows the comparison on HTML and the MediaWiki syntax.

Links Edit


HTML Vs. MediaWiki
HTML MediaWiki
<a href="url">text</a> [[link|text]]

For more help related to linking between wikis at Wikia, check Help:Interwiki link @ Help


HTML Vs. MediaWiki
HTML MediaWiki
<a href="url">text</a> [url text]

Linking images Edit

From Internal SourceEdit

HTML Vs. MediaWiki
HTML MediaWiki
<img src="url" alt="description"> [[Image:image name|thumbnail|size|description]]

External SourceEdit

Under the right setup MediaWiki (details please) you can embed external images by pasting the full url of the image into the text, and the parsing engine will recognize that and replace the url with a inline <IMG> tag pointing at the url. On some wiki setups (like Wikia), a whitelist is in place to only allow this to be done from certain domains, either because of vandalism or bandwidth reasons, (using an image like this is considered bad form on the internet because it uses the bandwidth of the remote server, because it is displayed out of context or without their ads. see wikipedia:Hotlinking)

On-wiki images can be used in this same manor, if you obtain the full url to the actual image (not the Image: or File: page). You can use Special:FilePath to obtain the url.

Images embedded like this are not normally clickable as they are a plain <IMG> tag (even if it is an on-wiki image)

For full proper syntax for images, see Help:Image @ meta